Friday, June 11, 2010

Cracked Soy Sauce Eggs

After making the Soy Sauce Chicken from my previous post - it would be an absolute sin to toss out the syrupy goodness left over. *Note: "Left over"...meaning only if you haven't already dumped the sauce over white rice and gobbled it up the next morning for breakfast...or for a midnight snack because you couldn't sleep thinking about it. That said, what do you do with this luxuriously silky sauce? You could mix a couple tablespoons of the stuff when making fried rice or toss into a broth to serve with noodles. As easy and delicious as those options sound, I recommend another option, using more goodies from Godfrey Family Farms: Eggs!

Similar to traditional Chinese tea eggs, the process involves using hard boiled eggs, lightly cracking the shell, submerging them into the sauce and allowing them to simmer for at least one hour and up to about 3 hours. Some people might automatically discount the thought of cooking an egg for so long, because eggs are indeed best consumed fresh with a just firmed white and slightly runny yolk (at least that's my opinion)...HOWEVER the result of this recipe is a savory soy sauce infused egg, that is both beautiful to look at and delightfully tasty. So - this recipe might actually be better applied to an older egg rather than a farm fresh one, but I really couldn't resist using the little freckled eggies when I made this.

Left over sauce from Soy Sauce Chicken recipe - should be about 1/2 - 3/4 Cups
4 - 6 eggs, hard boiled

With the back of a spoon, hit the egg shells so they're slightly cracked, but still in tact. Put the sauce and eggs In a medium pot and add enough water to just barely cover the eggs. Bring the sauce to a boil, then reduce to low for a soft simmer, keeping the lid on. Cook for 1-3 hours - add water as needed. When cooled, peel off the egg shells and enjoy!

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